Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WeightWatcher Whitman's Chocolates and Giveaway!!

I'm very excited to do my first review and giveaway on my blog! A couple of months ago I won a Weight Watcher giveaway with lots of Weight Watcher goodies. I was recently contacted and asked if I would like to try their Whitman chocolate line and of course I said "Sure!!"

Every Weight Watcher product that I've tried thus far has been wonderful! Nothing tastes like the typical "diet" food at all! The product I reviewed was the Peanut Butter Cups. They are absolutely divine! I love how creamy and smooth they taste! Honestly, I like them better than regular peanut butter cups! They have a whole line of yummy chocolate goodies like pecan crowns, double chocolate mousse, and coconut candies. You can check out all of the great flavors here.

The peanut butter cups are a great size and not bite sized like I thought they might be. Each one is only 2 Weight Watcher points and are so worth each one of those 2 points! Even if you are not on the Weight Watcher diet, you can still enjoy these yummy peanut butter cups and not feel guilty about eating chocolate!

Now, for the fun part! Weight Watchers has offered one of my readers a full-sized bag of the Peanut Butter Cups like I reviewed. To enter this giveaway, please visit the link above and check out all of the great chocolates that Weight Watchers and Whitman's Candies has to offer. Then, come back here and leave a comment about which chocolate you think you would love the best. Be sure to leave an email address so that I can contact the winner. I will choose the winner randomly and email the winner and post the winner on my blog as well. The giveaway ends one week from today on Feb. 4.

Extra Entries:
Follow me!-1 extra entry
Blog about the giveaway-2 extra entries

Be sure to leave a seperate comment for each extra entry that you do. Good Luck!

Also, Go check out The Bloggy Giveaway Carnival here for more awesome giveaways! There are over 1,000 great prizes to win!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I've been slacking....sorry

I know, I know..My posts have been slacking. For some reason I just can't get motivated to write! Hopefully this slump will end soon! So, this is my 3rd week at my new job, and I love it! I do wish the pay was better, but I love my "students". It's hard to say students when most of them are older than me, but still, I am their instructor, so that's what I will call them. There is never a dull moment on the job, so I don't get sleepy or bored ever, which is great!

I haven't done a weight loss update, which I'm sure some have been wondering or curious. Well, I've still only lost about 12, if not only 11 pounds in 3 weeks, because I gained about half of the 12 back and am just now getting back down. I realized that I lost those first pounds way too fast and that wasn't a great idea. I'm doing things different now, so it's a slower process. I have been losing inches though, which makes me happy! I will probably just do a monthly post opposed to a weekly one. I workout everyday(with the exception of today, not sure what's my problem today!)I feel stronger and have more energy! I still do not drink any cokes and I eat decent. One of my problems at my job is that we have to eat what they eat and so, that's not so low fat, which makes it hard. I don't want to not eat, so I do, and then I try to eat a very sensible supper!

The kids are great! Kadie is talking so much more here lately and I'm so thankful for that, because I was beginning to worry about it a little. Kennedie is her same old "full of life" self! Stratton and Trenton were both on the honor roll and they were very proud, and so was I of course!

I forgot how tiring it is to have a job though, which could explain the lack of posts also. I don't do much when I get home but workout, fix supper, bathe kids, and get to bed! I do watch the Biggest Loser on Tues.!! Is anyone else a fan of the show? I love it and it helps keep me motivated to meet my own goals! Man, I would love to have Jillian as my trainer!! She's great!!

I hope everyone is good and I'll try to post again soon! Oh yea, and I'm half way through the second Twightlight book and hope to finish it and the other two soon!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Giveaway everyone needs to check out!

One of my good bloggy friends Sharla at The Mom Nerd is having a great giveaway for $50!!! I know that sounds great to anyone! It does me!! She also posts really good book reviews and she has such a sweet and bubbly personality!! So follow this link and check out her great giveaway and blog! You won't be disappointed!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Kadence!!!

Today is my baby girl's 2nd birthday! I don't have a lot of pictures to share because of losing all of my pictures on my computer. I didn't get a chance to scan any either, but I'll post more of her when I get a chance!

Kadence (Kadie) was born at 3:20 pm January 8th 2007. She was the easiest of all four by far to labor and deliver! Kadie is my quiet child. She doesn't talk much, but she does hold her own with her brothers and sister.

Kadie is my last and final baby and it's kind of sad that shes 2 already!! Where did the time go?!! She's for sure a momma's girl! No matter how old she gets, she will always be Mommy's baby girl.
I love you Kadie bug! Happy Birthday!!


Saturday, January 3, 2009

29 and Holding.....

Today is my 29th birthday!! I think I'll stop here! It sounds like a good number to stop counting on. I'm not going to say much. I've got to get in the tub so we can go out to eat. I'll leave you with some pics over the years. It took me forever to scan them and upload, so I just picked a few. Check out my dad's hair!! Looks like Weird Al to!! Enjoy!!


Friday, January 2, 2009

My First Weight Loss Post!

Well, I started dieting and exercising a few days before the new year! I cut out my cokes. I've been watching my calorie intake and exercising my butt off! Not to mention drinking a crap load of water! I'm 5"4' and started out weighing 170!! 170 is only 5 pounds less than the heaviest I've ever been, which was when I gave birth to my oldest son! My goal is to lose 30-40 pounds. I weighed 135 in high school, so there's no need to try to set a goal much lower than that.

Tommorow actually will be the one week mark, but I don't have scales of my own, so I had to weigh today at Shelley's house. So, here's my progress as of now! And I must say, that I'm quite pleased!

Starting weight=170
Weight as of today= 158

12 pounds!!!! I'm so excited!! I know I probably won't keep losing that much weight every week, but I'm happy with the start! So, stay tuned each week on my weight loss venture! With my birthday being tommorow, I am going to splurge! Hopefully it won't affect me too much!


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