Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Not Me Monday!"

I decided to start participating in Not Me, Monday! It's lots of fun and hilarious to read others! So here goes mine!

I absolutely did NOT clean my baby up with a baby wipe instead of giving her a bath just because it was quicker! Who would ever do such?! NOT ME!

I did not let perfectly good leftovers go to waste just because I didn't really feel like putting them up! So wasteful, I would never do that!

I did not make my 3 yr old get down out of my lap so I could play on the computer, because mothers should always put their kids before computer time. No way, not me!

I did not let my kids eat leftover pizza(from 2 nights ago) for supper because I didn't want to cook tonight!

I totally do not still give my 20 month old a bottle at night because she is my last baby and I just want her to stay that way just a little longer! That would be so selfish, and not to mention very irresponsible as a parent!

And finally, I surely did not just get up and go start my dryer over for 15 more minutes so that I could finish this post instead of putting the laundry up first like I needed too!

Join in the Not Me Monday fun!!


Friday, September 26, 2008

A Few Inspiring Words...

Tonight, I felt the need for some inspiring words. After all the deaths that have occurred this week, I decided to go on a search for inspiring quotes. Not neccessarily about death, but just comforting words to lighten the air.

Just for a short recap for readers not in my area. One wreck took the life of a 19 yr old young man who was hit head on by another driver who is still in critical condition. The next was a very young 14 yr old who took her own so sad. The last was another wreck involving one vehicle in which the passenger, another 19 yr old young man also lost his life. I don't chose to go into detail at the moment..I've read about it all too much already.

At this point, I am tired of wondering why and hoping these young people were right with God, and so on and so forth. So, with that being said....

Here's what I found: (Many I've heard before, but felt they were worth repeating)

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding" (NIV) Proverbs 3.5

Oh, how true is this?! Sometimes it is so hard to take things that are thrown at you in this life, but this verse says it all!

"Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and He will establish your plans" (NIV)
Proverbs 16.3

"Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or turn away from them" (NIV)
Proverbs 4:5

"Better a little with the fear of the LORD than great wealth with turmoil" (NIV)
Proverbs 15:16

Other quotes not from the bible:

"Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine"-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Now that's one to think about...

"Reputation is what men and women think of us; Character is what God and angels know of us"-Thomas Paine
I absolutely loved that one! What others think is not important; Only God's opinion truly matters in the end.

"What you dislike in another take care to correct in yourself"-Thomas Sprat

If only all people thought this way....

"The greatest of faults, I should say, is to be conscious of none"-Thomas Carlyle

And the quote I chose to end with just really made me laugh and think "I can see myself doing this when my kids are teenagers too!!"

"As a mother of teenagers, do you know how many times I picked up the phone to apologize to my own mother?-Christy Borgeld


Thursday, September 25, 2008


Why is it that kids like to act totally different when they are away from home? I know my mom has told me a many of times that I was the same way, but I am yet to figure out why?

My little Kadence decides while she is at daycare to become a "mute" child! And yes, I mean completely uttering no words, baby talk, anything! I ask them everyday, because I keep thinking that one day she will talk to them too. As I speak of this, my Kadie is blabbing away (to herself). She can actually say lots of things, like mama, bye bye, bubba, kennedie (a little anyway), nana, papaw, meme, daddy, baby, book, and so on. I do not think she is talking like she should for her age (20 months), but nonetheless, she does speak. So back to my question, does anyone have a clue why she chooses to stay mute while at daycare! I'm clueless!!

Then there is Kennedie, who is wonderful at school..(minus the peeing on herself everyday for the last week) They all love her and think she is just the sweetest little thing! They also feel that way at church about Miss prissy pants (i said pRissy pants, not the other that I probably should be referring her to, or at least for the last week). When she gets out....she is going to get into anything and everything, try to eat anything and everything, be mean to her sister and brothers, throw fits, talk back, and yes, still pee in her pants!! But, she is smiling all the while! So why is it that she can't be sweet all evening too? Is she just so tired of being good all day, that she just HAS to unleash the dragon?

Then there is Stratton, who also never gets in trouble at school and is so sweet and quiet! Well that's a joke when he steps foot in the truck after school! He actually has a very smart mouth and can be very mean to his siblings! He also likes to say he "hates" things or people...I really despise it when kids (especially mine) say they "hate" anything!

O.k. and last, but not least, there is Trenton....ummm....well....actually he isn't much different at home. He can be rowdy and back talk occasionally, but for the most part he is a very sweet, loving, cuddling, little kindergartner. I know I better enjoy it though...because that sweet little boy will be growing up soon and things always change, at least somewhat.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Little Catching Up

Well, as you've noticed, I haven't posted anything in awhile..and yes I do remember stating that I was getting back into blogging...but I just haven't had much to say really.

I worked everyday but Friday last week...very exhausting by the way! And Friday I did pretty much nothing, although there was plenty to do!

Yesterday, Kennedie was in the pageant and she did great! She won photogenic with this picture that Shelley took! Way to go Shelley! She had quite a few victories in winning photogenic!

We had a wonderful sermon at church today about Freedom! Jeff is so good at explaining things so that it all makes sense. We have small groups tonight and as of now I'm just going to lounge around the rest of the day until 5.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! And hopefully I'll have more to talk about this week!


Sunday, September 14, 2008


I took these pics of the girls Friday. My camera runs batteries down so quick that I hardly even mess with it anymore. But I know I need to start taking a few here and there. In the past I was very good at taking pics of the kids, but I haven't done so well lately. So I plan to do a better job! They grow so fast that I hate to think that I wouldn't have pics to show the many stages of their precious little lives.
Kennedie 3yrs
Kadence AKA Kadie 20 months


Friday, September 12, 2008

Here I am!!

I know that I have not blogged in FOREVER!!! But I am still here! I plan to get back on track now! I have been miserably sick for the last two days and haven't felt like doing much of anything!! Much to my surprise, my dad wanted to take the boys to the Billies vs. Lumberjack game in Warren tonight and let them spend the night after, and then my beloved best friend Keitha calls and asks if Kennedie can come spend the night with her!!! Of course I said sure!!! I know it's not real nice to be excited about getting rid of the kiddos for a night, but when you feel like I do, you don't mind at all!! So, with that said, it is just me and my little Kadie-bug tonight!! I think that it is nice to have alone time with each kid every now and then anyways! The kids enjoy that one on one time with momma!!(Although Kadie is tearing pages out of a coloring book as we speak, so I don't think she's much worried about me at the moment anyway!!)

To back track for a second, Me, Keitha, and Michael are now official members of Journey Church!! I couldn't be more happier!! I absolutely love it and all the people there too!! I'm so happy to have found such a wonderful church home!! I'm always excited to get up and go to church every Sunday, anxiously awaiting to learn more and more and grow more and more with Christ!!!

So, keep in touch, I promise I won't stay away long this time!! I've enjoyed venturing off to many other blogs here recently!!


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I enjoy reading other people's blogs, and I love getting comments from my readers! I just got a job and I'll update as I get more into the job scene! I am working hard to improve my daily walk with Christ, and gets lots of guidance in doing so from my church family and friends. Please feel free to "follow" me on my blog, to check out the happenings of my day to day life as a mom to 4!

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