Friday, September 12, 2008

Here I am!!

I know that I have not blogged in FOREVER!!! But I am still here! I plan to get back on track now! I have been miserably sick for the last two days and haven't felt like doing much of anything!! Much to my surprise, my dad wanted to take the boys to the Billies vs. Lumberjack game in Warren tonight and let them spend the night after, and then my beloved best friend Keitha calls and asks if Kennedie can come spend the night with her!!! Of course I said sure!!! I know it's not real nice to be excited about getting rid of the kiddos for a night, but when you feel like I do, you don't mind at all!! So, with that said, it is just me and my little Kadie-bug tonight!! I think that it is nice to have alone time with each kid every now and then anyways! The kids enjoy that one on one time with momma!!(Although Kadie is tearing pages out of a coloring book as we speak, so I don't think she's much worried about me at the moment anyway!!)

To back track for a second, Me, Keitha, and Michael are now official members of Journey Church!! I couldn't be more happier!! I absolutely love it and all the people there too!! I'm so happy to have found such a wonderful church home!! I'm always excited to get up and go to church every Sunday, anxiously awaiting to learn more and more and grow more and more with Christ!!!

So, keep in touch, I promise I won't stay away long this time!! I've enjoyed venturing off to many other blogs here recently!!


Mandy September 17, 2008 at 9:58 AM  

Welcome to the family! :) I know how you feel.. I love church, too! Your family is such a bright spot in all of our lives... I suppose I'm partial to Kennedy since I spend the most time with her. That sweet smile just gets me!

Love the pics of the kids... you're right. They grow WAY too fast!

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