Wednesday, June 25, 2008


O.K. So today my Kennedie is 3 years old! My, my where has the time gone? Kennedie came into this world a little beaten up! During delivery, Kennedie was coming pretty much sideways instead of the normal face down, belly down position that they are supposed to do! She broke her left arm on my pelvic bone and her right clavicle on something else. She cried for 4 hours straight before the Doctor decided to x-ray her arm. And yes, the main bone in the top part of her arm (don't remember the name of that bone) was broke in half. I was nervous about handling her at first, but they put a sling on it and it healed in 2 weeks! Of course a lot of pictures I took in those two weeks, she looked like she had no arm, because we couldn't put it in her sleeve!
After the two weeks and it was healed, she was fine and has showed no signs of any problems since!
Kennedie is my Social Bug! She loves people and people love her! She makes sure she gets attention from all who is around. You can't help but smile when Kennedie walks into the room. I am so thankful to have a people person kid after Stratton and Trenton weren't so much people persons!
Kennedie is tough as nails and beats up on her brothers a lot! I know she will stand up for herself and her siblings as they grow up. Although Kennedie is tough, she is also a girly girl for sure! She loves dressing up (herself..ha ha) and saying "Look at my pretty dress!" She loves shoes.(especially flip flops) She is very independent, which is funny because potty training is working too good and she is the only kid that still sleeps with momma and daddy.
Kennedie definetly wants to be the center of attention and isn't always happy if that doesn't happen. But it usually does, because she makes sure of it, one way or another.
Kennedie also walked at 9 months in order to make sure she didn't miss anything, and has been on the go ever since! So this is my short story of my 3 years with my little "princess" Kennedie MaeLynn Prince!! I posted some random pics at different ages for all to enjoy!

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Just today

So, I only have two classes left (Monday and Tuesday) for Summer school and then I will officially be done with school forever (or at least til I decide to get my Masters). I really hate looking for a job and I think I had forgotten just how bad it really is. I cannot get motivated at all. What is wrong with me?? This is what I've been waiting 10 years for and now I don't want to get out there and look! It's crazy I know, but hopefully this will pass or a job will just fall in my lap! (lol..I know it's a long shot, but it sounded good at the time) So back to today!

Tammi(my new friend) and I took Stratton and Huntier to eat at the Huddle House and then off to the park. When we we're pulling up, Shelley called and I said, "hey why don't you come to the park?" So she said "sure I need to eat my chili dog anyway" So she brought her 2 girlies and the kids played and us three chatted. Shelley and I were being advocates for Journey and hopefully Tammi will give it a try. She sounded interested so we'll see!

Then after going to class and getting the kids settled, I took my online test and there is a 2 hour time limit and it takes every bit of that 2 hours and no, i'm not kidding!! My fingers are still cramping!! Well I didn't even get to finish one of my questions because I like to be very thorough with my answers, so I failed to finish the last question. But oh well, life goes on! And that's about it for today! Kennedie's birthday is the 29th of this month, so sometime soon I will be posting a blog about my little princess Kennedie, so keep your eyes peeled!


Sunday, June 15, 2008


So, we're back at home now from our trip to Journey. We all had a great time. Everyone was VERY welcoming. My kids were mad because it was time to leave! We will definetly be coming back next Sunday and hopefully I can find a babysitter for the women's group on Wed. My next task is trying to get Jody to come and try it out. I wish he could've went today because Jeremy's testimony would've hit home with him I believe, since he is also a veteran of the military. Thanks to all Journey goers who welcomed my family to their worship. We're looking forward to seeing more of you all! Thanks again!!


Saturday, June 14, 2008

So today I decided that I would for sure try out Journey tommorow! (Thanks for all the feedback from everyone) I talked to Shelley about it today for a good 30 mins. and I'm really excited. The kids are excited too! I will be sure to tell how it went sometime tommorow.

I didn't do much today, but I did take some pictures for my best friend who is getting married in August. She just wanted something simple and I'm NO professional (like but I can do simple! So here is a couple of my favs. Hopefully Shelley will work some of her magic on some of them for me.



Friday, June 13, 2008

Start of a new healthy Christian Life

O.K. So I've been wanting to get my family in church for awhile now. We went to Calvery Baptist a couple weeks ago and it was nice. I am looking for a small church, but not so small that my kids are the only kids attending. I would like there to be kids, my kids age that they can interact with and have a good Christian influence. I am a member of Pauline Baptist, although I haven't attended in a very long time, but I feel it may be a little big for my likings now. I am thinking about Journey...courtesy of the great feedback from Shelley. If anyone else has suggestions, that would be great! I plan on attending somewhere this Sunday, so I need feedback quick! Thanks to all!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

My first blog

Well, I decided this evening that I needed to start a blog of my own. I'm always checking out Shelley's and The Brown's, and sometimes a few others. I hardly ever comment on them since it would show my name! So here I go....

Today was not very interesting until I went to Jordan's ballgame. I enjoyed watching and they did great. They won 7-6 with an awesome play to make that 7th run. I was happy to see that Shelley's dad was able to make it to her game. I know he has been wanting to come watch since she started. I sat with him and her mom and they enjoyed it a lot!!

I'm hoping Shelley will help me with this blog, since I have NO idea what I'm am doing, so bear with me and hopefully I will have it up and going in a few days!


What a Night I had Last Night

First of all, I want to Thank Shelley for getting all of you to check out my blog. I was shocked at having 7 Hopefully I will not bore you all!

Okay, so last night was good until I got ready to go to bed at about midnight. I went to change Kadie's diaper and fix her a new bottle and I found a bed full of puke!! So gross! So I got her out and gave her a bath and decided to try to put her to bed again. Well I after laying down for about 10 minutes, I heard her again. So I got her out and cleaned her up again and decided to stay in the living room for awhile. She went to sleep on the couch and I waited for a long while to make sure she wasn't going to get sick again. Finally I put her in her bed at about 4 am and tried to get a little sleep. I slept til right before 8 and took Kennedie to daycare.

I didnt' get to go back to sleep like I was hoping because Kadie was ready to go! She was fine all day! We went fishing for a little while and then I went to pick up Kennedie and on the way home.....yep you guessed it, puked all over herself again!!! She seems fine though, doesn't act sick at all, so who knows what is going on.

As for Father's day, my dad will be out of town all weekend for his anniversary (29 years..woo hoo) and Jody will be working or sleeping all day! I hope everyone has a wonderful Father's day. I know I am truly greatful for the Father's in my life!!!


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I enjoy reading other people's blogs, and I love getting comments from my readers! I just got a job and I'll update as I get more into the job scene! I am working hard to improve my daily walk with Christ, and gets lots of guidance in doing so from my church family and friends. Please feel free to "follow" me on my blog, to check out the happenings of my day to day life as a mom to 4!

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