Thursday, June 12, 2008

What a Night I had Last Night

First of all, I want to Thank Shelley for getting all of you to check out my blog. I was shocked at having 7 Hopefully I will not bore you all!

Okay, so last night was good until I got ready to go to bed at about midnight. I went to change Kadie's diaper and fix her a new bottle and I found a bed full of puke!! So gross! So I got her out and gave her a bath and decided to try to put her to bed again. Well I after laying down for about 10 minutes, I heard her again. So I got her out and cleaned her up again and decided to stay in the living room for awhile. She went to sleep on the couch and I waited for a long while to make sure she wasn't going to get sick again. Finally I put her in her bed at about 4 am and tried to get a little sleep. I slept til right before 8 and took Kennedie to daycare.

I didnt' get to go back to sleep like I was hoping because Kadie was ready to go! She was fine all day! We went fishing for a little while and then I went to pick up Kennedie and on the way home.....yep you guessed it, puked all over herself again!!! She seems fine though, doesn't act sick at all, so who knows what is going on.

As for Father's day, my dad will be out of town all weekend for his anniversary (29 years..woo hoo) and Jody will be working or sleeping all day! I hope everyone has a wonderful Father's day. I know I am truly greatful for the Father's in my life!!!


Maury June 13, 2008 at 8:17 PM  

Sounds like she puked at all the right times! ha ha...I hope she gets better soon and it isn't anything serious!

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