Friday, July 31, 2009

EdenFantasys *Adult Content*

*Parental Advisory* Get the kiddies out of the room to read this one!

EdenFantasys is a store that I've personally been eyeballing for awhile now and there are MANY items that I would love to try out! EdenFantasys sells lingerie, adult toys like vibrators, massage items, and much much more! I would love to own this Sequin Seduction babydoll w/ G-string:

Edenfantasys also has any sexy costume you could ever think of and that many more that you would never think of! One of my favorites is the Officer pat u. down. Now wouldn't this make for an interesting night?

I've actually had the pleasure of trying two of their products. One of which I purchased and the other they sent me to review. The first one(the one I bought) was the Xtreme pack g-spot bullet.

Let me just start by saying that this baby has some power! This bullet has excellent reviews also. I love the easy to push buttons and the many different levels of intenstiy. There is room for much variety with this toy, believe me! The only thing I did not like about this bullet was the curved tip, which is what led me to choosing the product below for my review: The Golden Nugget

The Golden Nugget may look like a typical bullet, but it is way more than that! It has a textured sleeve for extra stimulation. It also is powered by a 9volt battery, so you can just imagine what kind of vibes come from this little toy! Out of the two, I like this one the best, but both of them work great! I've has similar in the past, but Eden Fantasy's have been the best.

The Golden Nugget has many reviews on the Edenfantasys site and this bullet is a favorite for many! I love that it has 5 different functions. 3 are pulsations and 2 are vibrations. All work great! But, personally I like number 5 the best.

I found it very helpful that Edenfantasys had online help. You can actually click on one of their crew members and ask them a question. If they are online, then you can ask them live! I think this is a fabulous addition to Edenfantasys. You can find this section at the top of the home page under Expert Help.

I've read a lot of EdenFantasys reviews on other blogs and am yet to find a negative one. I also have noticed that most people do not review the toys. Well, ladies, some things need to be shared, so others can join in and enjoy these toys too! I'm glad that I was introduced to a bullet many years ago, because I've been a fan every since. I know there are many of you who probably think that you wouldn't like such a thing, but believe me, you will!

EdenFantasy's is the one stop, online shop for anything "bedroom" related that you could possibly need or want. The prices are very reasonable and the people are wonderful to work with. So, go check them out and see what you might want to try!

Be watching, because I will most likely be having a giveaway coming up for Edenfantasys in the near future, and you won't want to miss that one!


onangelwings August 8, 2009 at 11:54 AM  

Woot! Yeah baby, Eden Fantasy is the best. I love that they have real people reviewing their products. We get the hear the good and the bad and decide for ourselves.

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