Sunday, December 6, 2009

Keitha's Baby Shower

We had Keitha's baby shower and it went great! I do have pics and I will post them when I get them uploaded. For those of you who don't know, Keitha is my very best friend. She is due on the 23rd with her first baby. It's a boy and his name will be Cayden Jace! I can't wait either! I'm so excited for her. She has wanted a baby for as long as I've known her and I already have 4, so it's definitely her turn.

Keitha got lots of great stuff at her shower. A bunch of cute outfits and a couple of really cute Christmas ornaments. We are hoping that he arrives before Christmas! Jody's brothers' wife, Melissa is also having her first baby and it's a boy as well! She is Jan. 4th.(the day after my birthday!) I really don't think she will make it that far though. So, I will have to little babies to hold and love and then leave with Mama! This will be a change! I'm used to me being the one with the babies!

I can't wait to post pics from the showers and, of course of the sweet little boys when they arrive! I plan to be there for both, so I will be taking lots of pics.


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