Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Great Bake Sale Cookbook-Review

Publisher: Hearst
Published: October 2009

The Great Bake Sale Cookbook is a spiral-bound hardcover book. It is so easy to flip through and there are colored pictures throughout that will make your mouth water! There are 75 recipes for all types of great bake sale items.

The editor of Good Housekeeping is Susan Westmoreland, an award-winning chef and food editor for the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. In 2001, Susan was named The James Beard Foundation’s Editor of the Year. The Good Housekeeping magazine reaches 24 million readers worldwide.

The cookbook has a step by step guide on how to throw a successful bake sale. The types of desserts include cookies, brownies and bars, cupcakes, cakes, quick breads and muffins, candies and confections, and frosting and fillings. In the back of the book are pretty labels for your bake sale treats.

The Chocolate Wows (cookies) look amazing and I can't wait to try this recipe out. One of my favorites is the Whoopie pies, which are two devil's food cookies with marshmellow filling. The Praline-topped brownies would be a surefire sale. The good thing about these brownies, is that you can make and ice them for up to two weeks in advance. For all you toffee fans, the Butter-nut Toffee Crunch is wonderful. There are all types of frosting recipes to top your cupcakes with. You can mix and match and make your on delicious creation. All the items are easy to make and easy to portion for your bake sale.

The Editors of Good Housekeeping created this cookbook along with many others. The Great Bake Sale Cookbook can be purchased online at Barnes & Noble. You also get a free Good Housekeeping subscription with your purchase.

I would like to thank Sterling Publishing for the opportunity to review this book.


He & Me + 3 October 11, 2009 at 2:27 PM  

That sounds like the cook book for me. All desserts? Yee Haw! :)

Together We Save October 20, 2009 at 10:26 AM  

Sounds like a great cook book!! I can always use some help with our annual youth bake sale.

Bri October 23, 2009 at 4:30 PM  

Yummy! Life's short - eat dessert first I've always said :)

Congrats! You won the purse organizer on my blog!

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