Sunday, October 26, 2008

Last Game of the Season

Yesterday was Stratton's last football game of the season. This was his first year to play. He didn't know much about it at all when he started, but he finally began to catch on in the end. He didn't get much playing time each game. He wasn't very aggressive, I think because he was scared he would do something wrong. But, I think next year will be better. He likes it a lot! Here a some pics from the game.

I had to keep chasing Kennedie because she kept wanting to play under the bleachers.(see below) The pictures where they are all lined up on the field is when they gave them their trophies for the season. We came in 3rd. (i think...LOL) It was a lot of fun, but I am glad it's over with!

Oh yea, we lost by the way, but it was a very good game!


scrappysue October 26, 2008 at 3:40 PM  

oh they are such cute pics! looks like u had a nice day for it!

Weeksie50 October 26, 2008 at 3:44 PM  

Ah, the last game.
I always hate the last game of the I am not good with goodbyes.. even for things.. I know I am a goof..

Good pictures and what a beautiful day for some football.. I love me some

Yeah, I lived in Arkansas. That is where Boy lived.. Ugh.

Kelley with Amy's Angels October 26, 2008 at 5:53 PM  

Thanks for stopping by my blog today from SITS! I loved looking at your blog and have to say I felt VERY old that you just hit your 10 year reunion.

I'm coming up on #20 in 2 years. And I can't wait!

Anonymous,  October 26, 2008 at 6:48 PM  
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Shelley October 26, 2008 at 7:42 PM  

I hope you got some of all the kids so we can redo that header :)

Noah's Mommy October 26, 2008 at 8:03 PM  

Boys are so stinking cute in their little football uniforms...they are so adorable....

Pam October 26, 2008 at 9:08 PM  

We won this week (VARSITY) so James has at least one more game this week... everyone else is done... this last week, I didn't take any of my kids with me, and I didn't know HOW to sit and watch the WHOLE game!! I am so used to the whole chaseing, admonishing, whining, bit... and of course, I forgot my camera... oh well.

Liz October 26, 2008 at 9:20 PM  

oh my...thank you for sharing your nickname with was a smile I was needing right now :) (I must say I have been blessed with a similar anatomical asset)

He And Me + 3 October 26, 2008 at 10:07 PM  

I just love watching the girls play their sports. So much fun. Kolby is only 3, but when he is old enough, he will be suiting up for some football fun too. Great pics! Right now...he is the one under the bleachers waiting for his sisters basketball games to finish. LOL

Kristi J October 26, 2008 at 10:51 PM  

Well, it took us 6 1/2 years and 4 kids later to finally use a sitter...I've always been too scared...this girl was great and we really hope to use her again...If she could get my baby to sleep without him crying then miracles do happen!! That boy is attached to me and cries if any family member looks at him (:

Kelsey October 26, 2008 at 11:04 PM  

aww little peanuts playing football! They're so much cuter than the highschool kids! (probably better sports too).

Glad you guys had a good season. Now on to fall ball (at least that's what we're doing).

Megryansmom October 27, 2008 at 7:18 AM  

Good Monday Morning. You were ahead of me in roll today so I came for a visit. Great pics!

Sandy October 27, 2008 at 8:03 AM  

thanks for stopping by- great pictures on your site!

Elaine October 27, 2008 at 12:48 PM  

I can't wait until my little guy can play sports. How fun...

Lisa Knight October 27, 2008 at 3:13 PM  

Nice field! They are a bunch of cuties! My son played his last game a week ago. Thankfully it's done before it got too cold here!

Shauna October 28, 2008 at 8:34 PM  

How fun!!! Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing :)

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